Precious Treasure:  31 Prayers Over The Children In Your Life

Amy Vaughan is passionate about children, even more so now that she has four children of her own.   She has worked with children her entire adult life, and even before that, she was caring for children and taking care of their needs through babysitting and children's ministry all the way back to her junior high years.  Through all of those years, she has been praying for children and God's best for their lives.  Over the last few years, she has delved deeper into written and shared prayers, and she felt called to create a resource to help lead parents and children's workers of all kinds into a prayerful life over the children in their lives.

Precious Treasure: 31 Prayers Over The Children In Your Life was written in a format to foster both group prayer and individual prayer over children.     Each chapter starts with a group prayer, speaking to broad virtue-based areas in the lives of the children.  Then each chapter goes deeper, offering an individual prayer so the adult can insert the names of specific children into the prayer and intercede very specifically for a particular child.

This book came out of a calling to serve parents and other adults whose lives and prayers are active in connecting with and developing the lives of children.  Underlying all of the prayers is that realization that God changes lives and circumstances and molds children through the love and intercession of the adults with whom they interact.

Precious Treasure: 31 Prayers Over The Children In Your Life is available on in both paperback and Kindle editions.


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